Mom hugging the boy not the girls

How do I talk about my emotions and express myself? 

I am struggling with stress and constantly feeling overwhelmed. I am trying to do school online because of the pandemic but I am having a hard time understanding things in my classes and keeping up with all of the assignments.

I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to about this because I have hard time trusting people. I feel like I can’t trust my friends because they’ve broken my trust before. I have a lot going on in my personal life, but I don’t have an outlet. I constantly feel angry, and sometimes I feel the need to scream or punch things. 

I have a toxic relationship with my Dad and we do not get along. I often wonder if he even wanted to be a Father and if he enjoys being a Dad. I know he has my back but I can’t really tell him how I feel because I worry that he won’t listen. I’m also worried that if I tell him how I really feel he will get really angry. 

I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to about this because I have hard time trusting people.


Youth are struggling to talk to their parents

"School and grades because they do not understand how hard it can be to learn nowadays and they see if technology and think it is easy”.

“Insecurities – how to stop overthinking what is going on what me especially with the way I look (my body)".

“The effects of “influencers” on youth’s self esteem, body shape, skin tone, weight feeling objectified by specific remarks.” 

Research shows, it is important for young people to have positive and trusting relationships with parents / caregivers and their peers to reduce risk of negative behaviours.

As a parent, caregiver, or other supportive adult

Encourage your children to share only what they feel comfortable sharing. Remind them you are there to support them through their challenging times and love them. Have a conversation with your children about feelings when they are open and comfortable. Share your own experiences so you can relate to each other. And remember, some children may need more time before they talk

— Maya Bhogal, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Surrey

Recognize that anxiety and feeling overwhelmed is not uncommon. It is important to support your child in building a toolkit to manage feelings of anxiousness. If the relationship is strained or if the parent does not have their own feelings managed well, providing support to your child can be done through a family member or trusted adult who could facilitate conversations in a calm, safe setting and mediate if emotions become heightened. Being vulnerable in acknowledging your own struggles and working to improve yourself while supporting your child, can begin to repair steps toward establishing a safe space to communicate openly.  

- Alana Thomas, Safe Schools, Surrey School District

Talk to your children about your own experiences of stress. Try and relate to their experiences and provide non-judgmental advice. Children need love, nurturing, and emotional connections. Talk to your children everyday about their school, feelings, and stresses. And refer your child to other professionals such as a counsellor if they need additional support.

— Tejinder Gill, Coordinator, South Asian Family Strengthening Team (SAFST)

Sarjeet Purewal, Family Counsellor, South Asian Family Strengthening Team (SAFST)